Design PR services

Media Outreach

Wolf PR has extensive contacts with editors, writers and freelancers with leading magazines, newspapers, and online magazines and blogs that lead to regular editorial features and increased brand presence. Outreach occurs on an ongoing basis through phone, email and informal get togethers.

Event Planning

For a launch party, new exhibition or other event, Wolf PR coordinates a press preview hour, invites and follows up with the media to ensure there is adequate coverage of the event, showroom or product launched.

Trade Show and Event Support

For a launch party, new exhibition, trade show, or other event, Wolf PR coordinates a press preview hour, create trade show or showroom appointments, invite and follow up with the media to ensure there is adequate coverage of the event, showroom or product launched. Wolf PR has worked with clients aiding them with ICFF, NeoCon, Salone, and NY NOW, Wanted, OFFSIGHT, and many more. 

Market Tabloid and Award Submissions

Submissions are lengthy and comprised of many parts, which Wolf PR can fill out and track progress of to ensure completion before their due dates.


Wolf PR will make introductions to tastemakers, designers, showrooms, and other movers and shakers in the design world to the best of our connections. 

Consulting services

The Wolf PR team has a firm understanding of what kinds of assets, collaborations, trade shows, and content are effective, and what kind of timeline works best to implement them. Before being ready for an active PR partnership, your company might need guidance getting your timeline and assets together to create the biggest bang for your buck. We are happy to be a one stop shop for our client’s needs, with years of expertise powering our insights.

Thought Leadership Audit and Development

Wolf PR will work with your team to establish experts in your company as leaders in their field by assessing the landscape of fellow industry leaders across platforms like social media, press coverage, speaking engagements, and through proactive activities, collaborations, and the like.

Conferences and Trade Events Selection

Wolf PR identifies events to attend, as well as who should attend them, and what the networking potential and goals are for those events. We will make suggestions on conferences and trade events to attend to build your brand, promote expertise in your field and proactively build your network.

Content Audit and Development

Wolf PR will help you produce a strategic plan for developing original content for your digital media presence through a holistic collaborative process.

Asset Audit and Development

Getting into the best publications requires photos and other media that show you in your best, most original light. Wolf PR helps guide you through the asset development process to create press-ready visual content.

Timeline + Planning

Timing is key to a successful launch of a new project or product, or to bring an already existing one back into the conversation. Using our knowledge of major industry trade shows, press schedules, and other time-specific concerns, Wolf PR works with our clients to outline and implement effective schedules for press, industry, and consumer engagement and visibility.

Social Media Development and Planning

One of the most effective marketing, engagement, and brand-building tools today is social media, however knowing how to effectively fit it into your business can be difficult. Wolf PR evaluates social media opportunities, helps establish visual and textual voice, create copy, and strategize on the best content to highlight and timeline to work on.

Copy Editing

Clean, effective copy is a key part of maintaining a professional appearance and being taken seriously. Wolf PR will help you craft language that is clear, effective, and ready to pass the test of even the most stern grammarian.

Media Opportunities Evaluation

While often Wolf PR works with clients to create stories from already existing products, projects, and assets, we also work at a more foundational stage to evaluate specific media opportunities and rubrics and help you strategize from the get go for targeted and selected press features.

Competitor/Like-Companies Audits and Analysis

Knowing the field is necessary for knowing how to stand out from it. Wolf PR figures out who your peer companies are and evaluates the language they use, their aesthetic choices, the press they’re going after, and how they’re telling their story so you can better understand how to tell yours, differently.

Research and Assessment for Engagement Opportunities Outside Common Arenas

While editorial opportunities remain an effective way to reach new and larger audiences, there are many possibilities to show off outside of traditional media. We work to seek out alternative opportunities and build connections within industry groups to help create a stronger foundation for your brand and greater breadth of awareness.

Consulting for Design Brands

While we are proud to work with clients across industries, we have a number of skills especially for the design industry.

Collection Development

Leveraging our 12-plus years of experience and our broad knowledge of the design media landscape, we collaborate at the ground-level on to shape new collections, helping plan a cohesive and complete series of design objects that fill commercial and media needs and gaps.

Event/Project Creation

From store launches to openings to pop-ups to parties, we work to help our clients organize events editors will love, and get them in the door too. We connect our clients to the most noteworthy collaborators in our network to develop press-candy projects, letting our clients leverage broader networks and flex their creative muscles.

Trade Show Assessment

Wolf PR works to see what global trade shows best show off your product while building your brand and creating press opportunities.